By Swapna Soni


Holi….! Colours, Fun, Celebration, Music and dance, or define it as anything that brings out your smile. A festive of colours indeed, but it also carries along a pleasing fragrance into our lives.
Fragrance? Holi? Not connected? Confusing is it? Come, let’s find it out together!

Holi – Celebration of Togetherness
Holi the ancient festive of India was known as “Holika” originally. Although it’s believed that Holi existed several centuries before Christ, its festive meaning seems to have changed over the year’s time. In the past, it used to be special rite performed by lovely married Indian women for the happiness and well-being of their families. But today, it’s a festival for every man, every woman, every kid, and every old. Holi brings with it the fragrance of togetherness, a feeling of trust/faith that no one is alone.

Holi – Bridge of Love
Holi – the spring fest of India beckons the welcome of the spring season and is well termed as second most favourite/important fest after Diwali. Holi is a melodious combination of fun, frolic, enthusiasm, love and blessings. It’s rightly associated with the immortal love of Radha and Krishna bridging and bonding the love strongly between the married couple and unmarried hummingbirds enjoying the fragrance of Love.

Holi – Colourful Taste of Spring
Holi not only brings colours but also brings with it marvellous delicacies; from Gujhias to Puran Poli and from Thandai to Bhang. Surely, it’s a fest in its every facet. Ohh well, which also means Holi brings with itself the mouth-watering fragrance of delicious food. No doubt, Holi will make you float away in the fragrance of food and festivity.

Holi – Splash the shades
From Dry Gulal to wet Rang, from red, blue, yellow to purple; thinking of your favourite colour..? Don’t you worry, Holi has it. Holi has it all. Doesn’t matter if it is made artificially or using flowers and herbs, splash the colours and see Holi spreading the fragrance of its colours irresistible aroma, joy, just enjoy..!

Wow, that’s so much to know about and it’s so amazing to have Holi. Many thanks to Lord Krishna for introducing such a lovely festival while just playing a prank on Radha; fragrance of innocence and love ❤


So, when is Holi celebrated and how is it being calculated?

Nay, we don’t need to get into such technicalities :P; there are many other men/women appointed for doing the calculation. Let us just stick to the fun and the celebration part of it.

Having seen the amazing commemorate of different fragrances in Holi, come let’s get together and shake a leg, splash color, toast a Lassi, and of course share love. See you all lovely people at 221, Gloucester Street, Christchurch on 4th March 2017. Wow, what a day chosen – “Saturday” as well best convenient time chosen to celebrate – from 11AM to 3PM with an added bonus to Holi’s festivities of “Free Entry ”. Aha, what more to ask for, isn’t it. So, gear up guys, meet you all really soon. #Holi2017