Swatantra Kushwaha

Relationship is one of the crucial and the most sensitive part of everyone’s life. Now days, people are more interested to keep their relationship alive on social media, rather than their actual life. One relationship status on social media which is, really difficult to understand is “Complicated”. This status is very famous among this new generation.

 Human is a social animal that requires the social gathering and belongingness. The trend is changed now, as people feel great to have socially engaged on their social media networking instead of real life.

Generation is changing very fast and to keep the pace with the coming generation is difficult. I personally think it is not impossible. We as the human being in community are not putting much effort to save the “importance of relationship” as we are doing endless endeavors to save environment, non-renewable resources, wild life and scarce resources globally, which is also important for the human life. If we do not give importance to our relationship so what is benefit of above resources for the future generation.

People take relationships as an extra baggage which is hard to carry for long time. I have read an article that apparently now couples are choosing to be parentless due to their commitments towards their careers. If our previous generations were also like us, so we would not have the world like the way we have today. Don’t you think so, God intentionally told Eve and Adam not to eat an apple, as God knew that human behavior always wants to try which does not allow to do!! And, due to this God wanted to start the beautiful planet with an intelligent animal that is Human.

It is myth in relationship that “compromises are mandatory”. I don’t think so that “compromise” is the right word. Relationship requires support of each other, I am an independent man or a woman doesn’t mean, you can do everything by yourself. A farmer is farming so you all independent man and woman can able to eat and survive. The other sentence I heard a lot is “we should not have any expectation in relationship”. Oh my god lord really!! Expectation creates problems in life, what sort of expectation, a text to reply someone message, a phone call, a smile or a sort of help. Expectation is the part of human nature. We expect often and expecting in relationship is not wrong. Parents have an expectation that their children support them in their old age that can be a natural expectation. A husband wants his wife to serve him at all times; a wife wants respect from her husband. A sister expects a phone call from her brother and a friend expect mutual understanding in their friendships. These are the core expectations in relationships. Your true relationships never expect anything from you which is beyond the reach of the other person.


I don’t want to play as devil’s advocate and talk about the positive things about relationship. If you feel intolerance in relationship, it is better to move forward from this in place to bear the pain. Good and bad experiences in a relationship are the part of life, but we should not be judgmental upon the relationship with these sorts of experiences. I have an example to share with you. I helped someone as he said his mother was ill and he needed some financial help. Its one year now that person didn’t return back. This is my bad experience but this doesn’t stop me to help someone from now onwards, but somewhere I feel if a person can lie for his mother so how could he be honest with me. This is not only the bad experience I have, but there are many. On the other hand, I always try to give my fullest in my relations and due to this in return I cut 7 cakes on my birthday…..So believe upon the Almighty who always maintains the balance of happiness and sadness in your life.

Nurturing relationship is like to maintain the garden, that gives you happiness and peace when you sit in the garden in your leisure time. The next very big organisation which portrays the relationship on big screen is cinema.  Cinema is the main industry who creates the different world in the mind of the people. Mega movie stars fascinate and influence new generation. The new generation also follows their trends blindly. Here, I don’t want to Say that every movie gives wrong message, but many distract the society basically the young blood. So my motive here to explain that these movies stars have everything in their life fame, money, luxury and comfort, but somewhere this is also true that many mega movie stars commit suicide due to loneliness and lack of true relationship in their life.

Remember “relationship never dies natural death; they are murdered by ego, attitude and ignorance”

Life is a beautiful gift of God. We can make it more beautiful to have the meaningful and good relationships in the journey of life. By making healthy relationship you feel relaxed, live longer and fight against your stress. It would be good that we should not have the fake relationships in our life, which is called as “Relationship of benefits”. It is good to separate the relationships into different groups; “Blood is thicker than water” so family comes first on your priority. We should maintain few but true friends who can stand by your side in your thick and thin. We should not mix the professional relationship with personal.


Make a balance between personal, social and professional relations. Don’t think to have relationship with anyone only because that relation can help you in long run. This will make you dull and frustrated with due course of time. Relationships are full of arguments, fights, broken promises and gaps but this doesn’t mean to end the relationships. If you are annoyed from anyone due to some reasons, so think about the good time of your relationship, or any moment of that relationship which had brought smile on your face or any advice and help which meant a lot for you that time. After few minutes you will feel the importance of that relation in your life. I want to end my article with this saying of the great soul in mankind Swami Vivekananda.

“Relationships are more important than life but it is important for those relationships to have life in them.”

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