Guest Author:  Swapna Soni

There was this young Indian girl in her 20’s packing her bag, Oh no, not packing her bag instead was packing her long awaited wishes while she was setting out for New Zealand. The land of mesmerizing landscape, lush green beauty, volcanic smoky mountains and much more, seemed to have left no stone unturned to welcome this sweet beauty. With lots of; nay, with loads of predefined notions she lands onto this wondrous land (NZ). What notions she came with? well yes; she thought as she was stepping into a foreign country she would find lots and lots of English men and women around, and hardly find any Indian. Next, she thought there shall be hardly people bothered to even notice a new bee in the city as 21st century is said to be the busiest of all. Hmm Hmm, her notions didn’t end here…; well she also thought that her classmates might not accept her so easily and that she might have to put in a lot of effort to mingle with them.

But my my….New Zealand had a completely different tale reserved for this beauty. Although the interior of Auckland airport tried to keep her notions alive, airport exterior had a turban guy to be spotted by her. She mincingly smiled and said to herself “Sasriyakal PaaJi”. As it was late at night she didn’t have much to explore, but Auckland had much to reveal to her on the following day. Her notions went for a troll as she first stepped onto a bus being driven by an Indian (dashing) guy. After having a nice friendly chat, the extremely smart driver dropped this pretty young girl safely at her destination. It was now time for her to encounter her classmates, whom she thought might be hard nuts to crack. Well well, her notions again went for a toss, she just couldn’t believe she was really in a class in Auckland when she saw 90% of her classmate to be Indians. She double checked if she was in the right class, she pinched herself to confirm she wasn’t dreaming and indeed she wasn’t. After initial 5 mins of conversation with her classmates in English, lour of Indian regional languages filled the class. Kanada, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi etc. was heard all over, English seemed to be hiding underneath the benches.

Having met a bunch of Indians and a handful of New Zealanders, it was now time for her to hit the most amazing Queen Street. She was again taken a back when she saw every second person to be an Indian. Every 100 meters she walked, she could hear gossips in Indian regional languages. Thanks to her being multi-lingual, she enjoyed all sweet sour gossips while on troll over the street. She pondered over what was the reason behind Indians being seen in every other store, in every other bus. For once her heart said, “India isn’t simply known as “Golden Bird/Soneki Chidiya”. Indeed India and Indians are that talented, that flexible, that welcoming (the change), and that willful that there isn’t any place or anything which they can’t do. She also laughed a bit saying to herself, “now it’s time for even Santa to get scared of his place, in just next few years Indians shall be seen at North Pole as well ☺”. Such was the amazing day in the life of this Indian new bee in NZ. Cheers to all those special Indians out there in NZ standing strong on their talent and charm, cheers to NZ for opening up its arms wide enough to embrace these beautiful Indians☺.

Signing off little Indian bee!

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