Guest Author: Swatantra Kushwaha


Life is very short, unpredictable and sometime challenging. It goes without saying that these aspects make the life inquisitive and lively, without these aspects the charm of the life would not be like as it is now. These three aspects keep your hope alive for getting the best as you never know what you would get in your destiny tomorrow.

Three years back when I landed in this country New Zealand, I didn’t know anyone here no friends, no information, no distant relative, no booking of hotel nothing but one undescribed desire in me to accept all challenges and achieve the milestones. After landing, I took a taxi and I asked driver to take me to one of the accommodation, where I could stay for some days. Driver brought me to one of the backpackers. I reached 17 Albert Street, Auckland City and from there new undirected journey had started, the struggle of getting the food which I could have eaten, to make myself GPS friendly to understand the train and bus routes were mind boggling exercises.


These daily struggles made me confident gradually. After, settling down my mundane activities I was keeping the pace with my studies as being an immigrant you need to know the New Zealand based study patterns which consist Plagiarism and Literature review and I was just trying to cope up with these all things simultaneously the next struggle was waiting for me in this journey and that was to get a job in New Zealand. Being alone in this country is very difficult as we miss the psychology support of our love ones but one thing I would like to say that get the best learning experience out of this journey .As this experience gives you an edge which strengthens your weaknesses and teaches you the reality of the life which we would not able to experience under the shelter of our protective family and friendly environment.

After rigorous struggle of one month, I started my first job door to door sales, at that time I got many easy jobs but I took the challenge as my father has been teaching me since childhood “A person can die while resting but not by working hard”. This job gave me a great experience as on one hand I was learning kiwi colloquial language, on other hand I was acquiring New Zealand work experience and above all I was doing that job which was related with my studies.

This job was really arduous as it was commission based and to get my bread and butter I had to struggle daily, but I never felt disappointed. This job led me to my next job as a sales representative for 2 Degrees distributors’ and it was B2B sales job which was two ladders higher than door to door sales. This job was a turning point for me. 2 Degrees is one of the famous telecommunication companies of this country. At that time I was in my MBA School and it was nurturing my experience to the extent.

After getting experience of sales job my inner desire was pushing me to get my dream job in New Zealand and I started trying to become a Business Tutor and then the most challenging struggle started. I was an associate professor in my country India, so teaching is one of my core competencies and I would like to explore my learning in this field and would like to understand the education system and structure of this industry. I wanted to do this with another reason that if I would have to go back to my country so I would acquire an MBA degree as a knowledge and with an experience I would able to create a USP in my Curriculum vitae. These two things would help me to get the handsome salary and an easy start. I want to return back with different approach and confidence. Many of my friends suggested me at that time not to try for this job at this moment of time, first I had to focus on that job which would help me to apply for my further visa applications. But, I was not ready from inside to accept any random job which would not give me my inner satisfaction.

I struggled for 6 months to be the part of this industry. That time many people demotivated me with their comments that “It is impossible for me to be the part of this industry without any internal reference”. At one extent I lost all my all hopes then my husband reminded me these words again “Those who think they can only they can.” 15 August 2014 I got a job as a Business tutor for level – 7. Exact after 3 years in this country I got my residency. So this is universal truth that if you have a strong zeal to get something so your strong wishes evolve in the universe and every positive energy helps to get it develop for you , only thing you need to remember don’t lose you hope ever. If Edison lost his heart after getting 1000 times of failure to make bulb so today we might be in dark, If Steve jobs didn’t innovate the third important apple for the world so we might have no  iPhones.

Work is worship and it should be our life priority as every experience of your job gives you an opportunity to perform closer to the perfection. In every job I try to confer my full dedication and employer satisfaction. I try to learn every day and till now I always try to learn from every opportunity. My main motive is to keep my dignity and do that job which satisfies my inner soul and also gives me an opportunity to serve the society with my good deeds and teaching gives me that satisfaction.

Last but not the least I would like to tell all the students in New Zealand and those who are here and those who think situations are not in their favor. Take the best opportunity of our experience do that job which is related to your studies and keep your learning curve alive and keep yourself motivated. Those who distract you from your focus point just remember “Those who think they can only they can”.

– By Guest Author : Swatantra Kushwaha

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