I have been living in New Zealand for the last six years and during this time I have seen numerous immigrants (that includes international students) either achieving their dreams or their dreams being shattered. So what really matters and makes a difference in what category one falls in. I think the striking difference is the attitude. In short if you can keep yourself reminding why you are in New Zealand and stay motivated, sky is the limit for you.

Underneath I have mentioned some of the Do’s and Don’ts based on my experience.

1) Associate yourself with the company of positive people

There are numerous socio-spiritual organisations and trust in New Zealand that you can be part of and get a positive and constructive feeling and equally important is to stay away from negative people who have nothing else but complaints about their life, family, job and everything.

2) Make the maximum use of technology

Remember this is the age of knowledge and technology. You either make yourself familiar with the latest technology or perish.

3) You ought to have professional CV and Cover letter along with great communication skill

If you don’t have either of them, go and get it on the urgent basis. Do remember that attractive CV and Cover letter is something that can be easily made and that is one of the most basic priorities. Secondly communication skill can be improved or got if you don’t have it. The problem with most of the international students and immigrants is we want to stay as we are and want our lives to change. That’s not going to take place unless a miracle takes place.

4) Work on your dress up sense

There is a popular saying “While in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Batter dressing sense is something that would take you to places. Be assured that whenever you dress up to impress others, it increases your brands value as a person.

5) Get yourself updated as far as education, learning and skills are concerned

It makes me laugh when people tell me that I did my Bachelors in 2003 or masters in 2005. I feel like telling them, mate do you even know that we are living in 2016? Yes. I know it’s still a qualification but what one needs to understand is an MBA done in 2016 is more relevant than an MBA done in the year 2005. Therefore if you haven’t acquired any new skills or qualifications in the last couple of years, you are time locked, aren’t you?

Moreover, staying away from rumours would help as well and please remember that we rise by lifting others therefore please don’t hesitate to help each other when needed. I know my words would help new immigrants and international students to achieve their dreams.

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