As per the reports from and,  Vinal Kavit Naidu, 31 years old, died after the motorcycle he was riding hit a parked car while he was being chased by police on September 25.

A police statement said just minutes before the crash, at about 1.15am, Naidu sped past a police patrol car on a BMW motorbike, sparking the pursuit. Vinal Kavit Naidu failed to stop after being indicated to and a pursuit began.

“Police believe Naidu went through a red light and nearly collided with another car. That car was travelling along Mt Albert Rd towards Mt Roskill and had stopped at the lights at Mt Albert and Hillsborough Rd intersection,” the statement said.

As part of ongoing investigations, police want to speak to the occupants of a car who was nearly hit, or any other motorists who saw the pursuit.

Anyone with information was urged to contact the Auckland Police on 09 302 6557.

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