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Akash, 24 years old student in New Zealand from India, jailed for life imprisonment for killing a 22 years old pregnant woman Gurpreet Kaur, reported.

Akash came to New Zealand nearly three years ago and he was living with his brother in Manureva (South Auckland). Akash was on student visa and his visa expired in May 2016.

Akash and Gurpreet were in relationship but they kept their relationship secret from their families. Akash was under impression that he was father of the Gurpreet’s unborn child. He killed Gurpreet because he found out that he was not father of the unborn child.

Crown prosecutor Gareth Kayes told the court that Akash had bought methamphetamine at about 9am and admitted to using some shortly before the murder.

“You stabbed [Kaur] with a knife you had in the car in the scalp, face, neck, chest and abdomen and cut her jugular. You stabbed her five times in the abdomen, the deepest to her mid abdomen,” Kayes said.

Akash must spend at least 17 years in prison. He will be deported to India at the completion of his sentence. The court heard he had a history of psychotic episodes and was on medication when he was in in India but he stopped taking it when since he came to New Zealand.

Members of  Gurpreet Kaur’s family were in tears while reading victim statements to the court.

“Our dreams have been shattered. We are unable to bring her back regardless of what we do,” her father said.

“We are like birds lost without one wing and can’t imagine flying again.”

Kaur’s cousin said she was a “clever, independent, cheeky” girl.

“I think about her all the time. Life will never be the same for any of us.”

Her brother said he has nightmares and struggles to sleep.

“Everyone is scared, I sometimes see my dad crying and want to help him but feel like there is nothing I can do to make it better. New Zealand doesn’t feel like a safe place anymore.

“What he has done has torn our family apart.”

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