Your CV is your first step to get into your job so it is extremely important that your CV has all the important information. Most recruiters will glance through hundreds of CVs to find best candidates to shortlist for an interview. The challenge is how to get your CV shortlisted for an interview ?  You might be thinking, why I never get a call for job interview or why I always get rejections before the interview? Well,there can be many reasons for rejection but here are the 5 mistakes you can avoid to increase your chances to get an interview if you have job relevant skills and experiences.

Here are the top 5 five common mistakes to avoid if you are applying jobs in New Zealand

  1. Spelling and grammatical errors : It is always best to read your CV couple of times before applying for the job. It is also recommended to ask someone to proofread your CV and ask them if it makes sense. Make sure you do thorough spelling check and be careful with auto correction. It is likely that your recruiter will see you as a less potential candidate if you have such mistakes unless your job has nothing to do with communication skills.
  2. Not highlighting job relevant skills and experience: It is recommended that you keep your relevant skills and experience visible enough so it can catch the recruiter’s eyes. It is good to customise your CV based on the role you apply. i.e. If you are applying for customer services then make sure you keep your customer service experience visible enough to get noticed. You can avoid highlighting your IT skills if you are applying for a job where IT is not required at all.
  3. Fonts, colour and design: Avoid using fancy large fonts. Keep 10-12 size and it will be safe to use fonts like Ariel, Times New Roman or Verdana. Avoid unnecessary colours on your CV and having those fancy borders. It is a good idea to send the pdf version of CV so that you don’t need to worry much about the layout on the recruiter’s computer.
  4. Irrelevant personal information: It is better to remove irrelevant personal information like your date of birth, height, religion, passport number etc unless the job you are applying has any of the above requirement for the job. There is a chance that these irrelevant personal information can bore hiring manager and scrap your CV.
  5. Gaps between jobs – mystery: If you have some gaps between jobs but you don’t clarify it or if you have quit your last job few months ago but you haven’t mentioned what are doing currently can trigger some questions in recruiter’s mind. It is better to mention about your gaps. i.e. travel / study / maternity leave etc.

Hope you don’t have these mistakes in your CV now, all the best.

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